How To Get Your Copy of A Fallen Hero


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here! A Fallen Hero is now available through Barnes & Noble. The last few weeks leading to the official launch, I started receiving questions about the book’s publication.

Can I buy the book in stores?
Can I get a copy sent to Canada?
Will it be available for Kindle?
What is the ISBN?
Will there be an audio book?

Here’s the rundown of A Fallen Hero‘s launch!

Let’s start with the publication process. Traditional publishing houses do an initial print run. That is, they try to forecast the magic number to make sure they have enough copies available to meet demand while not having much unsold stock left over. We could be talking about 10,000 copies or 250,000 copies—it all depends on how many the publisher believes he can sell. But that’s a big investment and a big risk to print that many books all at once, especially for a first-time author without a track record and dedicated fan base already established.

I bypassed the traditional publishing house and went straight to the distributor, so the publication process works a little differently. A Fallen Hero had no print run. It’s available as an on-demand book.

What does that mean for me as the author?

Basically, it means neither I nor Barnes & Noble had to risk a massive monetary investment printing a large quantity of books that may not sell. There is no upfront cost because the book does not physically exist until someone orders it.

What does that mean for you?

If you walk into a Barnes & Noble store, you aren’t going to find A Fallen Hero on the shelf. (At least, not yet. If the book does well enough, in-store purchases may be an option down the road, but more on that later.) So, how can you get your copy? The easiest way is to visit Barnes & Noble’s website and place the order online. You can also go into a Barnes & Noble store and ask a clerk to place the order. Priced at $29.99, the hardcover automatically qualifies for free standard shipping in the United States. And yes, Barnes & Noble does ship to Canada!

Will the book be available on Kindle? The short answer is . . . eventually. Keep in mind that Barnes & Noble owns Nook, not Kindle. At no point in time will Barnes & Noble make a Kindle version for their competitor. However, Barnes & Noble is just the first step, and I am not contractually bound to them. Now that the initial launch of the hardcover is done, I’m looking at a supplemental publisher so I can distribute the books to Amazon, independent bookstores, and other avenues outside of Barnes & Noble’s network. But the focus is first and foremost going to be on the hardcover and paperback versions. The ebooks, both Nook and Kindle, will require a lot of reformatting before they’re ready, and they won’t be available for several months. I would love to have those ready to go by Christmas, but I don’t know yet if that’s going to be a feasible timeline as I move forward with the print books. One step at a time!

Every book has an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Some books also have an LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number). A Fallen Hero has been registered with the United States affiliate of the International ISBN Agency, as well as the Library of Congress. If you are having trouble locating the book under the title or author, you can search using the ISBN instead.

ISBN: 978-1-7325998-0-2
LCCN: 2018910180

Will there be an audio book? Honestly, I don’t know! It’s possible, but that’s a whole new level I haven’t researched yet.

Any other questions? Please post them in the comments or contact me directly!

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