LeahRae Harris High School


On Monday, March 21, 2016, I wrote a letter to my preschool teacher. She was an inspirational foundation in my early life, but she had been fighting a long battle with cancer, and she was tired. Her eyes were getting heavy. I knew there wasn’t much time left to thank her, to tell her goodbye, to show her how I wanted to honor and remember her.

On Tuesday, the day I intended to deliver the letter, her eyes closed forever.

Today, my community gathered to honor the light that went out here on Earth and joined the other stars. I, who am perpetually guilty of procrastination, have learned the hard lesson that Time is a precious commodity not to be squandered. I will live with the regret that I waited too long to write my letter and this great woman’s eyes never read my last words to her, never knew how grateful I was that she held my hand when I took the first steps onto the path I’m traveling along now, never knew the tribute I made to her memory.

I’m sharing my letter in the hope that I can still share her light. Life is fleeting, and Time cannot be rewound. Please, don’t wait until it’s too late to hug someone you love and thank someone who inspired you.


Goodbye, LeahRae Harris. You impacted so many lives, and you will be missed by many.


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