The Artist

I have been drawing since I was a little kid sitting at the kitchen table with my grandpa. Although I've dabbled in several mediums, I always come back to grayscale pencil sketches. I am most comfortable drawing horses, as I was always fascinated by them at a young age and drew them over and over, studying the contours, graceful arches, and fluid movements of the majestic animals. 

A few of my pieces have been gifted or sold, but most remain with me. My latest endeavor is sketching the creatures and characters from my books with the ultimate goal of illustrating a thorough guide of my fantasy world. Some of those drawings can be found in this gallery; others are waiting to someday be unveiled.











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My goal is to share only original artwork, photography, and writing unless otherwise cited. I ask for the same courtesy; you are welcome to use my work, but please give credit where it is due. Thank you. Please note: comments on the blog are welcome, but positive feedback and/or constructive criticism only. This is a troll-free zone. All comments are approved by the moderator, and no spam or malicious content will be allowed.