Artwork by Sara A. Noë on Display in Michigan City, IN


Hello, followers and art lovers!

I made a delightfully surprising discovery this week while driving through Michigan City, Indiana. But believe it or not, this isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation!

Flashback to 2018. The Uptown Arts Districts had an open call for local artists to submit work in a contest. The winners would have their artwork displayed on light pole banners around the city.

I submitted several pieces of art, including pencil sketches, a charcoal drawing, and photographs. But I was never contacted by the arts association, so I assumed that no answer meant my work hadn’t been selected.

I was briefly disappointed, then forgot all about it and moved on. My first novel, A Fallen Hero, was published at the end of the year, and I was preoccupied with the book release.

A year later (2019), my mom and I had driven to Michigan City to pick up sushi for dinner. As she was driving home, I was watching out the window and listening while she talked, but something caught my eye. I spied an eerily familiar raven on a light pole banner. It jolted me, although I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.

I needed several seconds to process what I was seeing before I realized why this raven looked so familiar—it was mine!

My mom was still talking, but I cut her off when I suddenly blurted out, “That’s my raven!”

She was understandably puzzled, and I was so excited and flustered that I could barely get any other words out besides, “That’s my raven! Pull over!”

And that’s the story of how I accidentally stumbled upon my charcoal art piece “The Raven” displayed on the corner of 9th and Pine in Michigan City.

I thought that was the end of the story…

Until this past Tuesday when I was driving home from my creative writing workshop. I don’t usually drive this route, but I had an errand to run on the other side of town. As I was cruising down Washington Street…

SURPRISE!! Art piece #2 displayed in front of a church!

This time, when I saw the art, I instantly knew it was mine. I pulled over and, phone in hand, crossed the street to gaze up at “Dapple Gray” attached to a light post at the corner of 9th and Washington.

It’s possible that I have more artwork scattered around Michigan City, and I just haven’t found it yet. I had entered a total of seven submissions into the competition. Four were grayscale drawings, and three were photographs.

This would have been a completely different experience if the Uptown Arts District had told me which (if any) pieces were accepted and where they were going to be placed. There’s a fun mystery in accidentally finding my artwork around the city. I certainly wouldn’t have had that unforgettable, shocking jolt the first time I saw my raven on display.

I think I just might need to go on an adventure and roam the city in search of other art pieces!

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