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Author’s Tips for a Successful Book Signing

Award-winning author Sara A. Noë shares tips and tricks for new authors preparing for book signing events.

Dear Writers, It’s Okay If You Didn’t Write During the Pandemic

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s okay to take a break so you don’t burn out. It’s okay if now isn’t your time to write. Maybe tomorrow will be.

The Symbolism of Cato’s Divinities

“Why isn’t Cato your favorite character since he’s the protagonist?” Well, the truth is, Cato and I have a complicated relationship.

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Author Sara A. Noë has partnered with Harmony Todd, founder and candlesmith of Old Soul Artisan, to create a unique candle fragrance that captures the essence of Avilésor's mystical forests. Every online purchase supports a small business, an indie author, and wolf conservation. (Wesly Cooper approves!)






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