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Imposter Syndrome: Why Do Artists Feel Like They’re Not Good Enough?

If you’re a creative of any sort — a painter, sculptor, musician, author, poet, dancer, etc. — you’ve probably struggled […]

Q&A: Harmony Todd, Founder of Old Soul Artisan Literary Candles

In 2020, I had the amazing opportunity to partner with Harmony Todd from Old Soul Artisan to collaborate on a […]

5 Easy, FREE Ways to Support Your Favorite Indie Authors

Note: these same methods can absolutely be used to support your favorite traditionally published authors as well. But I’d like […]

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Author Sara A. Noë has partnered with Harmony Todd, founder and candlesmith of Old Soul Artisan, to create a unique candle fragrance that captures the essence of Avilésor's mystical forests. Every online purchase supports a small business, an indie author, and wolf conservation. (Wesly Cooper approves!)

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