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Writing Science-Fantasy

Noë stepped up to the mic to discuss the challenges and pleasures of writing in the popular but widely misunderstood genres of fantasy, science fiction….

How Are You? (Sandcastle 12.15)

How are you? Three words spark a thousand lies in my black hole of a mind each lie a light a billion stars in a trillion galaxies….

Through the Lens: Autumn’s Finale

December is almost here, and the first blanket of snow has erased the last of fall’s colors….

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~ December 15 • Book signing at Co-op Shoppes ~
~ December 08 • Book signing at Rogue Xtrme Fitness ~
~ December 07 • Reading / Q&A / Signing at Lubeznik Center for the Arts ~
~ December 01 • Read Local Author Fair at St. Joseph County Library ~
~ November 24 • Book signing at Temple News Agency ~
~ October 27 • Book sale at the Steel Pen Writers' Conference ~
~ October 13th • Book signing at Jazzercise of Michigan City~
~ October 06 • Book signing at the Co-Op Shoppes ~
~ August 07 • A Fallen Hero's official publication date with Barnes & Noble ~
~ May 17 • Release party for Voices & my first public reading, featuring "Home" ~
~ April 21 • Debut of Voices, featuring my memoir "Falling Stars" and photograph "Aftermath" ~
~ March 26 • On The Cobblestone Road's anniversary ~
~ February 23 • "One Wish" is published in the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal ~
~ February 19 •  "Redemption" is a semifinalist in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story competition ~
~ January 24 • "When Time Stands Still" & "Redemption" are quarterfinalists in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story competition ~



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***A limited supply of books will be available for sale at events.***



Saturday, December 15th
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST
Co-op Shoppes on State Street
512 State St.
La Porte, Indiana





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