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What Does “Write to Market” Mean (And Should You Do It)?

The phrase “write to market” is one that aspiring authors hear frequently. But what exactly does it mean? And how […]

Patreon artist and author Sara A. Noe

What is Patreon? Free Trials Are Now Available!

Today, I received an exciting update from Patreon—the platform has finally introduced free seven-day trials! This is great news because […]

Chronicles of Avilesor: War of the Realms Book 3 Blood of the Enemy ebook

Author’s Review: Polgarus Studio Ebook Formatting Service

When it comes to self-publishing, I take on a LOT of the work myself. In part, I do this to […]

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Author Sara A. Noë has partnered with Harmony Todd, founder and candlesmith of Old Soul Artisan, to create a unique candle fragrance that captures the essence of Avilésor's mystical forests. Every online purchase supports a small business, an indie author, and wolf conservation. (Wesly Cooper approves!)

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