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Redbubble vs. Spring Review: Which POD Apparel Site is Better?

Print-on-demand (POD) platforms have become increasing popular, especially among influencers and personal brands that lack the resources to print, store, […]

The Bookworm’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Readers & Writers

If you’re trying to brainstorm gift ideas for a bookworm in your life, the good news is we’re pretty easy to shop for! Here are some ideas that readers and writers are sure to love

The “Theory of Omission” in Writing | Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory

Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory, also called the “theory of omission,” is a concept that has fascinated me. What exactly is he talking about…?

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Author Sara A. Noë has partnered with Harmony Todd, founder and candlesmith of Old Soul Artisan, to create a unique candle fragrance that captures the essence of Avilésor's mystical forests. Every online purchase supports a small business, an indie author, and wolf conservation. (Wesly Cooper approves!)

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