Blood of the Enemy Receives Literary Titan Book Award

Chronicles of Avilesor: War of the Realms series by Sara A. Noe


On March 3rd, Literary Titan announced their latest round of book awards… officially making Chronicles of Avilésor: War of the Realms a three-time award-winning series!

The award comes less than a month after Blood of the Enemy‘s official release.

On the same day, the shipment of Book III finally arrived! These are the first 50 copies ever printed. They’ll all be autographed, numbered, and stickered as a limited copy from the first print run. Several have already been claimed by my Alpha-level Patreon subscribers, who receive free copies as part of their membership perk.

Others were preordered from my website to either be picked up or shipped. The preorder form is still live, so if you would like to secure a copy for yourself, you can still do so.


Look what arrived on this nasty, snowy, rainy, slushy day! Luckily, I happened to see the mailman dropping the boxes over the fence so I could snag them right away. This is the FIRST print run of Book 3! These 50 books will be autographed and numbered as limited copies. Some of these books have already been claimed by Patreon subscribers and fans who pre-ordered on my website. If you want to secure one of these copies yourself, you can still place an order on my website at Or, if you’re local, you can join me for a special Book III signing at the Co-Op Shoppes on State Street in La Porte, IN on March 11th from 10 am to 2 pm. #fantasymaps #maps #map #art #artwork #arttok #artist #artistsoftiktok #artistatiktok #artistoftiktok #artistontiktok #artistsontiktok #fantasyauthor #fantasyauthortok #fantasybooks #fantasybookseries #chroniclesofavilesor #bloodoftheenemy #indieauthor #indieauthorsoftiktok #indieauthors #bookunboxing #indieauthoroftiktok

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I will be selling and signing copies of Book III on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at the Co-Op Shoppes on State Street in La Porte, IN from 10 am to 2 pm. If you’re local, stop by to say hi and snag one of these limited copies before they’re all gone!

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