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If you follow me on social media, you might have already seen this announcement early in the morning on October 14th:

I’d like to say that I did a happy dance and toasted the accomplishment… but truth be told, I went to bed. As you can see from the time stamp, I’d basically pulled an all-nighter to finish the last few chapters. Not the first time I’ve done that, and it definitely won’t be the last.

So, now that the line edit is done, what happens next? When will you finally be able to hold Blood of the Enemy in your hands?

First, I will say that I have a target publication date in mind. However, I’m not going to announce it yet. Because we’re entering the holiday season, there’s a good chance of hitting print delays. My goal is to have the hardcover version out before Christmas.

The paperback and ebook will come later. Here’s why:

With A Fallen Hero, I followed the traditional publishing model and released the hardcover first, then the paperback and ebook later. But with Phantom’s Mask, I was a little more ambitious and decided to launch all three at the same time.

That ended up being too much. The hardcover and paperback are different sizes, so they require different formatting. For Blood of the Enemy, I’m going back to the original formula. The hardcover is coming out first.

Next Steps to Publish Book III

After I (finally) wrapped up the line edit, a lot of pieces went into motion.

I’ve already sent the manuscript off to Literary Titan for an editorial review to use on the inside jacket of the hardcover, as I’ve done with the previous books.

Editorial reviews for A Fallen Hero and Phantom's Mask of the Chronicles of Avilesor: War of the Realms series by Sara A. Noe

Literary Titan is the same organization that awarded the gold book award to A Fallen Hero in May 2020 and Phantom’s Mask in September 2020. Which means the fate of BOTE is officially in their hands now. If they like the manuscript and give it a good rating, Blood of the Enemy will be entered into their competition for an award. If they don’t… it won’t. No pressure.

I also purchased another block of ISBNs from Bowker. Each format of each book requires its own ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Still on my to-do list: all of Book III’s information needs to be uploaded into Bowker’s system so the data can be retrieved if someone looks up the ISBN.

The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) is a separate number assigned to books. To get that number, I first needed to get the rough formatting down for the hardcover so I’d have a decent estimate of how many pages the book will have. The answer: 519 as of now. Yesterday, I submitted the application for a PCN (Preassigned Control Number). The PCN is for forthcoming books that haven’t been published yet.

Now that those technical pieces are out of the way, my big tasks are to fine-tune the formatting for the interior file and finish the maps that will be published at the front of the book. My Patreon subscribers got a chance to see me get started on the formatting and learn about the process.

map of the ghost realm Avilesor from the Chronicles of Avilesor series art by Sara A. Noe

Once the formatting and maps are done, I’ll upload the files to IngramSpark and order proof copies to make sure everything looks good. I’ve recruited most of my beta readers to help me with that to (hopefully) catch any errors in one round and move straight to distribution.

From there… it’s off to the presses!

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