I Dreamed a Dream


I dreamed a dream
so deep it became
an ocean of       
immeasurable depths
and I drank every drop
until it filled every cell and
I drowned
in its swirling currents
tossed with the tide
on cresting waves.
I dreamed a dream
so big it inflated
like a balloon
the color red
swollen and swelling,
fracturing ribs
cracking its bone cage
reforming my skeleton
and lifting my feet off
the earth at the peak
of its lustful yearning.
I dreamed a dream
so bright it became
a lighthouse with
beacon burning hot
and true to cut through
the rolling fog
hell-bent on blinding
those who see
in different colors.
I dreamed a dream.
By blood and tears
and broken wings
I flounder
I drift
I crawl
toward the light.




written 03.14.18


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