Phantom’s Mask: Cover Sneak Peek

Author Sara A. Noë holding copies of A Fallen Hero published by IngramSpark and Barnes & Noble Press


As an indie author, I have complete control over my book covers. Although many self-published authors commission freelance artists to design and execute their covers, I created A Fallen Hero‘s cover myself, and now Phantom’s Mask is underway for its target 2020 release date. This cover has been particularly fun to make thanks to a real-life element that has connected me to Cato even more than before!

Check out this short video for a sneak peek at the process, and stay tuned for the official cover release in the new few months!

4 thoughts on “Phantom’s Mask: Cover Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Sara – love the cover, and glad you have control over the art. Keep on keeping on!

    Got a Midwest award for my Jens Jensen monologue movie – that’s kinda fun.

    Send me more of your writing to read!

  2. I love the cover! So excited for the next step in your journey! Keep working hard and you’ll do wonderful things! Hurry up 2020!

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