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A Fallen Hero was released at the end of 2018, and I’m hard at work juggling Book I’s sales, events, and marketing while also editing the first draft of Book II Phantom’s Mask for its 2020 publication.

You may have already read Book II’s prologue, which was released at the end of March to celebrate On The Cobblestone Road‘s three-year anniversary. Chapter One: In Thunder’s silence will be released here on the website if A Fallen Hero can get twenty reviews on any platform, whether it’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads…twenty reviews in any one place will unlock the chapter.

But there are two more opportunities to get sneak peeks! And the best part…they’re secret.

These scenes will be available through an exclusive url link that will not be announced anywhere on social media or the website. Here’s how you can find the secret web pages:

Scene #1

Write a review. Yep, it’s really that simple, and it’s free! You can either post the review using your name (or a nickname I’ll recognize) or post it anonymously, but if you post anonymously or under an unrecognizable pseudonym, you’ll have to contact me directly to let me know about your review (as much as I wish I were a Mind-Reader like Finn and Reese…I’m not). Message me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or send me an email, or use the contact form here on the website.

Here’s how to write a review on the various platforms:


Click here to go to A Fallen Hero‘s Amazon page. Scroll down to the customer reviews section:

Barnes & Noble

Click here to go to A Fallen Hero‘s Barnes & Noble page. You can either scroll down to the customer reviews near the bottom of the page, or click “# Customer Reviews” at the top of the page next to the star count to get to this section.


Click here to go to A Fallen Hero‘s Goodreads page. You can either scroll down to the customer reviews near the bottom of the page, or click “# reviews” under the title at the top of the page to get to this section.

Although it’s very much appreciated if you copy/paste your review across platforms to help support the book, you’ll get only one secret link. But on the plus side, your review might help to unlock Chapter One!

Scene #2

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my GoFundMe campaign to raise money for A Fallen Hero‘s audiobook. I’m hoping to find support in my community and raise a total of $3,000 to cover the costs to produce a high quality professional audiobook with alternating male and female narrators. Donors receive prizes! See below:

Tier 1: $15.00 – You will be listed as a donor in the acknowledgments of Phantom’s Mask

Tier 2: $30.00 – Receive a War of the Realms bookmark with a collectible pin (choose from 5 designs)

Tier 3: $45.00 – FREE download of A Fallen Hero (Donor’s choice: either the e-book or the audiobook once it’s complete)

Tier 4: $60.00 – Receive a secret website link to see an exclusive never-before-seen sneak peek of Phantom’s Mask before publication

Tier 5: $75.00 – Receive a first-edition autographed copy of Phantom’s Mask upon release (Donor’s choice: hardcover or paperback)

Each tier builds prizes. For example, if your donation falls in Tier 3, you also get the prizes from Tiers 1 and 2! There is no cap, and you are not required to donate the exact amount of a listed tier if you want to give a little extra but not as much as the next level up.

There you have it! By supporting a local author, there are opportunities to read the prologue, first chapter, and two secret scenes from Phantom’s Mask before it’s published. With the minimum donation, you’ll be listed in the acknowledgments. I’m really excited to share the next book in the series with you! Stay tuned for more possibilities for sneak peeks and prizes!

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  1. Incredibly well written. Interested in everything you have written and will write. Good luck in all you do!

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