I’m pleased to announce that my brand-new website is now live! has been a big project in the works. If you haven’t seen me active on social media in a while, this would be why. will remain active as my personal website to showcase my writing, photography, and art, as well as to maintain my blog. was created specifically for the book series, and it has some new features you won’t find on this website!

Although the new website does not have a blog planned (all blog posts will remain on this site), it does feature a forum where fans can talk about the books. You’ll create a username and password to register, and then you’re free to chat with other fans directly on the website.

Speaking of fans, I’m thrilled to be featuring them on their own page! Check out photos of people I’ve met at book signing events as well as fan photos and beautiful book photography posted by #bookstagrammers on Instagram! This page is still in development while I collect photos and play with new plugins and layouts; there will be a lot of revisions coming soon.

Also coming soon is going to be an awesome fan art page! I’ve had a lot of submissions for #fanartfriday on social media and am compiling all of those to be in their own gallery. Keep that fan art coming and see your own featured on A Fallen Hero‘s social media pages and the website gallery! Submissions are always open.

What’s particularly exciting about this new website is that it’s a long-term plan to extend far beyond A Fallen Hero, even beyond the War of the Realms series. While the War of the Realms books are centered around Cato’s story, I have other pending projects within the Chronicles that take place in the world of Avilésor during various points of time in history, one of them even occurring hundreds of years before Cato was born. Although those stories aren’t likely to be published anytime soon (keep in mind the War of the Realms series by itself will have six books plus a prequel, so I’ve got my hands full), the new website is ready for all future books set within the Chronicles of Avilésor.

A huge thanks goes out to Greg Anderson for copying On The Cobblestone Road to the new domain so I could edit an existing website instead of building a new one from scratch. Please keep in mind that is still early in the development phase and will be undergoing a lot of upcoming changes. Check back often to see the updates!

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  1. Hi Sara, I actually borrowed a signed copy of A Fallen Hero from my mom but then left it on a plane! Is there any way I could send you one to re-tribute for her? I bought another copy – if you have an address for me to send it to or are planning on more book signings in NW Indiana let me know and I’ll get it to you or visit an upcoming signing!

    1. Hi, Pete! Sorry to hear your mother’s copy took a long trip! I don’t have any signings scheduled at the moment, although I hope to do a few in the fall, and they would most certainly be in the NW Indiana / SW Michigan area, possibly in central Indiana around Indy. If you would prefer to mail it rather than wait and try to rendezvous, you can send it to PO Box 716 La Porte, IN 46350 and I’d be happy to sign it!

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