Slam Poetry: Resurrection


“Hi, guys! Thanks for joining me for the first ever video On The Cobblestone Road. This is going to be my first attempt ever at slam poetry, which I feel definitely needs to be heard rather than read, so thanks for tuning in, and let’s see how it goes!”

Wandering blind with no direction,
too long you’ve been
injecting rejection
into my thoughts
my heart
until I can’t recognize this new perception
of the person I call my own reflection.

Half-crazed through this hazy
Fog of dejection you’ve subjected me to.


I’m not another piece in your broken collection
under the spotlight of your attention,
my imperfections, my pained expressions,
This is my time,
my resurrection.
I’m cutting you out,
malicious infection
caesarean section
dissection of this hatred, aggression.                                     

So here it is.

Scissors slitting slithering lies,
scandalous, slanderous,
a clean cut.







Thanks so much for watching!


One thought on “Slam Poetry: Resurrection

  1. OMG, you did it again. Awesome, amazing. Sara, you are from another planet, glad you landed on this one!!

    Hugs, Sue

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