Spring Photography | April Through the Photographer’s Lens

bee on crocuses


April is one of the most unpredictable months here in Indiana. When Hoosiers kid about having the A/C running one day and the heat running the next… it’s no joke. This month, we’ve had sweltering days, frigid days, temperate days, rain, sun, thunderstorms, fog, and snow. Just another typical spring here in the Midwest.

While those ever-changing conditions may leave some locals daydreaming about moving someplace more temperate and predictable, I was in paradise trekking around with my camera and capture the essence spring—beads of raindrops sitting like jewels on delicate tulip petals; snow-encrusted samaras bowing on the red maple branches; bees flitting from crocus to crocus in the sunshine. Each day offered a new and beautiful glimpse at this fleeting season.

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