Rejection Letter


Dear daydreamer, you are an
author, a creator with boundless depths.
Thank you for baring your naked soul, for the words
you have written in your own blood,
for long nights of silence, and for
your sacrifices, your despair, your
submission. You wander the quiet confines of your mind.
Unfortunately, the shadows harbor a monster, and
it’s born of self-doubt,
not of flesh and fang. You stand alone,
the scribe, the warrior by
right whose pen is a blade that will
fit between ribs like a sword,
for it is your destiny to liberate
us. We are in your debt.
Best wishes ring hollow in the empty halls
of broken promises. Through poor timing and bad
luck you trudge on, broken pen spilling ink
in your hand. It’s a lonely existence,
your solitude, but necessary while you chase a
future dream so elusive you question your
endeavors. Don’t. Just keep writing.

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